Executive presence is the qualities of a leader that engage, inspire, align and move people to act


  • Executive presence has long been acknowledged as a critical factor in leadership.
  • “Skilled communicator”, “owns the room”, “has what it takes”, “inspiring”, “self confident”, “X-factor” are phrases often used to describe a leader with executive presence.
  • Executive presence is expressed through a leader’s ideas, attitudes and behavioral patterns that others experience as sincere and trustworthy.
  • If you can create a sense of high executive presence, it will increase others’ interest in listening to you, trusting you and following your leadership.


  • The definition of executive presence is often mysterious, and can depend on who is interacting with the leader.
  • That means, leaders often get feedback about their presence without a roadmap for action that connects clearly to business objectives.
  • Recent research shows that executive presence is substantial and measurable, and involves more than just presentation skills and image.
  • Through extensive research in leadership, communications, psychology, social action theories and literature, Bates Communications has developed a comprehensive definition of executive presence that captures what the research tells us.
  • At its core, executive presence is the interplay of a set of qualities in a leader that engage, inspire, align and move people to act.


  • Holter Consulting is the exclusive provider and distributor of the Bates ExPI™(Executive Presence Index) in the Nordics.
  • The ExPI™ is the first and only research-based, scientifically validated assessment to measure executive presence and influence in leaders.
  • The ExPI™ model clarifies executive presence as three critical dimensions: Character, Substance and Style.
    The multi-rater tool measures perceptions of a leader’s strengths and development areas within 15 distinct facets under these three dimensions.
  • This unique and powerful assessment process provides leaders with feedback that is insightful, actionable, specific, practical and relevant to their business goals.
  • At Holter Consulting we use the ExPI™ as a valuable starting point for our executive presence services.

Bates ExPI™ Model of Executive Presence

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  • One-on-one tailored development program based on the ExPITM for top executives and talents who want to enhance their influence.
  • Develops the 3 dimensions of executive presence: Character, Substance and Style and builds his/her leadership brand in relation to key stakeholders.
  • Provides leaders with valuable knowledge and tangible tools to motivate and inspire others, and to drive vision, strategy and results.
  • Focuses on the actual leadership and business challenges the leader faces.
  • Particularly relevant when leaders are standing on a bigger stage, encountering greater challenges, and seeking to influence diverse stakeholders.


  • Compared to more generic team profiles, the ExPITM is the only assessment tool that specifically measures executive presence.
  • A team process based on the ExPITM and facilitated by Holter Consulting provides unique insights on the team’s collective executive presence, and suggests tangible practical actions to take their executive presence to the next level.
  • Insights on the team’s collective strengths, gaps and relational dynamics will help the leader and the team to get to the heart of the issues and address obstacles that are holding the team back.
  • Working with the ExPITM is an opportunity to significantly enhance the team’s impact in the organization.


  • Would you like to enhance your executive presence?
  • Based on solid research on executive presence, Holter Consulting specializes in tailoring executive presence coaching programs for leaders and leadership teams.
  • Executive presence coaching is especially relevant for leaders ready to make their next career move, and leaders already on an executive level seeking more impact in the organization.
  • Our executive presence services can also be an integrated part of your leadership- or talent programs.

An engagement tailored to the situation, needs and wishes of the leader

  • Our executive presence coaching can include:
  • Bates ExPI™ Assessment, Feedback, Leader Report and Bates ExPI™ Development Guide.
  • Six to twelve months’ coaching engagement with unlimited access to your own executive coach.
  • One-on-one coaching sessions and sparring by phone based on your needs.
  • Tangible Development Plan.
  • Training exercises according to needs and wishes.
  • Three-part meetings with your own direct manager and coach.
  • Shadow coaching in your own organization.
  • Advice on executive styling with professional stylist.
  • Development of presentation skills and personal impact with a professional voice coach, actor or opera singer.
  • Media training that helps you to make the right impression and break through with your message on TV and other video media.