A collaborative organization is essential if you are to successfully execute your strategy and reach your goals


Collaboration across teams, departments or business units can be a challenging discipline. Most companies experience problems with “silo-thinking”. The consequences of a lack of horizontal collaboration are far too serious to ignore. You will risk that projects, clients and knowledge fall between the cracks resulting in lower bottom line results.

Holter Consulting has a practical and hands-on approach to developing transversal collaboration. With the leaders in the singular and with solid employee involvement we use relevant challenges and assignments from your day-to-day professional experiences in our approach. The goal is for you to succeed collaboratively with your core task.


    More and more leaders see the value effective team collaboration adds to their organization. When people collaborate and balance individual objectives and targets with “the greater good”, extraordinary results can be achieved.

    Holter Consulting helps teams with:

    • Gaining insights into their collective profile and DNA by the use of Bates Executive Presence Index Team profile. The profile reveals individual and collective representations of strengths, challenges and gaps between intention and perception.
    • Developing trust, securing common goals and strengthening interdependency within the team.
    • Getting to know each other better and accelerating collaboration in new team.
    • Handling communication problems or stagnation.
    • Going from being a well-performing team to a high-performing team.


      In most organizations, the focus on developing great leaders is so strong that the responsibility for good leadership and organizational success is solemnly placed on the shoulders of the leaders.

      But leaders can not lead alone. Leaders are dependent on employees wanting to follow them. Followership means that employees collaborate with their leaders in constructive ways and actively contribute to organizational success and development. Followership is another aspect of leadership and both are necessary for a well-functioning organization.

      At Holter Consulting, we have extensive experience facilitating collaboration between leaders and their direct reports, with a focus on a mutual responsibility to succeed with the core objectives.


      Hard times for collaboration

      • The global financial crisis created substantial changes for many companies.
      • Layoffs, radical restructuring and sudden shifts in strategy have many cases reduced employee engagement and eagerness to collaborate.
      • In challenging times, we have a tendency to focus on ourselves and on our own tasks with negative consequences for collaboration, knowledge-sharing and the company’s ability to evolve.


        • To overcome these challenges, companies must sharpen their focus on collaboration.
        • 36% of a company’s performance can be attributed to its ability to collaborate (Frost & Sullivan, 2006).
        • Continuous success is not created through the extraordinary performance of a few, but through consistent high performance and collaboration of many.
        • That means it is essential that your direct reports collaborate within their teams, horizontally in the organization, and with you and the rest of the management team in order to reach your strategic goals and succeed with your core objectives.